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You were meant to find your way here. You have loving guidance that is helping you and wants you to feel comforted, reassured and to trust that all is unfolding in your life according to a loving higher plan. When you are struggling or life seems chaotic, remember that peace is always calling to you, seeking you out, to guide you back to a deeper truth of love. My intention is that this website be a safe place for you to visit, where you feel loved, and you remember that you can believe in yourself. My love and blessings to you, always.

You are invited to join the fray …

Join our beautiful consciousness-raising soul tribe for a very special workshop with Alana. Gain courage and be free as you play, awaken and get inspired in Alana’s unique SACRED REBELS workshop … we’ll be stirring up some wild divine energy and be empowered through a sacred group liberation ritual with Alana as your tribal high priestess, amazing music, stunning sound healing, inspired and funny discussions and lots of loving energy. It’s time to be uplifted and liberated to take your next step towards passionate purpose and divine destiny!

Sacred rebels will unite. Join us and be free!

Sydney 1 November 2015, Melbourne 22 November 2015, Brisbane 13 March 2016.

Products to Heal and Uplift

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Alana channels a variety of healing modalities in sacred connection with you. Your own divine self pulls to it what is needed, be that spiritual guidance, energetic healing through prayer or sound, or even a spontaneously channelled healing meditation. Every session is unique, inspired and spontaneous, happening according to divine grace, which is why sessions with Alana can be so powerful and leave you feeling that somehow, even if you weren’t sure what it was consciously, you received what you needed. more info


Alana’s events are absolutely unique, profound and fun. You’ll meet like-minded people, open your heart, laugh, feel emotion, experience spiritual energy and walk away feeling – as Alana’s clients describe it – that something very special has taken place, even if you aren’t sure exactly what just happened! For beginners and advanced students, there are many choices to work with Alana and experience spiritual growth, personal healing and loving divine connection. more info


Products to Uplift and Heal – Our products have been created from a place of love, trust and service to your spiritual growth, to help you loosen the grip of fear and surrender into the grace and power of your own divine nature. They have an energy of their own. They are living things. more info

Source your own Intuitive Guidance

How an Oracle Deck can help you

I have received so many emails of gratitude for these oracle decks which touch my heart deeply. To feeling the vibration of the deck simply by touching it, to having a sense that you have the Divine Mother with you each day, guiding you, and the deep healing of the processes provided in the guidebook, you are using the work and bringing it to life. I thank you for the many decks you have purchased for yourself and for loved ones. I thank you for your courage and loving gratitude.

These Oracles are written from a place of pure channelling and divine love.

They contain wisdom and guidance which you can read from the accompanying guidebooks, and they contain beautiful lush imagery to feed and uplift the Soul.

Trust yourself. Centre yourself. Ask a question. Choose a card. Read and reflect. You have given yourself an intuitive reading and healing. Well done!

The Oracle Decks that I write are from a place of deep spiritual consciousness and they work. I receive many loving notes from dear souls working with these divine tools and I am deeply honoured by your loving messages.

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